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Tequila makes her clothes fall off
bowling drunk 24 beers beer balanced diet
309 Tequila clothes fall off 116 Bowling Problem #002     24 beers 003 Balanced diet
11x10  Lights 10.5x11 10.5x11 11x10



beer the reason drunks against mad moms beer drinkers beer drinkers
004 Beer the reason 005-L DAMM Discontinued 007-L Gave up drinking
11x10.5 10.5x4 (2 per sheet) 11x10.5 11x4



beer drinkers
187-R I'll never drink 230-L I'm Drunk 011-L Drugs lead nowhere  068- If I felt any better
10.5x2 all colors 10.5x3   11x3



beer drinkers
Print upside down
009-I support single moms 264- I support-pocketsl 008-Please Barstool 066- Liver is evil
11.5x10 11.5x10-(9) pockets 11x10 11x10


010-I'm a drunk 256-Avoid hangovers 205-Soccer beer-TV 206 Football-beer-TV
10.5x4 10.5x3 10.5x4 10.5x4



227-L woke up with ugly woman
207 Can't hear -football-beer 091-L Drinks well-others 111-Beer Holder 227-L Woke up ugly woman
10.5x4 10.5x3 11x4 10.5x2


001-R Last Words-hold my beer
099 Irish drinking team 001-R Last Words    
11x11 all colors 10.5x3 - Lights & Darks